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 I was born in Michigan. At a young age my family moved to Illinois. My father and his best friend introduced me to the outdoors at a very young age. As a kid I tagged along with them while they chased Whitetails throughout the Michigan North Country. I was with dad when he shot his first buck in 1989. Later on, my dad also introduced me to upland bird hunting.

I shot my first rooster in 1991, while hunting with dad in an Illinois ice storm. I shot my first rooster before I shot my first whitetail. I shot my first Whitetail when I was 16 years old. I can remember it like it was yesterday. My passion for Whitetails has not let up since. My best friend always tried to get me bow hunt but it was not until 2004 that I picked up the stick and string. Man...what was I missing. I have since been fortunate enough to harvest a few nice Archery Whitetails over the last few seasons.

Several years ago I was asked to go turkey hunting by my other best friend. What followed was another unforgettable day. He was nice enough to call in a bird for me, and I laid the smack down - all on film! We almost pulled off a double that morning. Again, I found myself hooked!

I’m lucky enough to have a full time job as a Sr. Product Engineer for a Shelving Manufacturing Company in Central Indiana. Several years ago I started Double S Custom Calls. While my main calls are Turkey Pot Calls and Deer Grunt Calls, Open Reed Predator Calls.

My other Passion is photography and filming. I have joined forces with a good friend of mine and we started Dirt-Nap Productions. There is where we concentrate on filming raw, in your face action during the hunting season, and other photos and film work.

My love for chasing Roosters, to Big Bucks, and Wild Turkey’s is all the same. The memories, experiences with friends and family, and the challenges the hunt can bring is what keeps bringing me back. I can't get enough of it!

I would like to Thank everyone involved in helping me along the way. You know who you guys are! Thanks!

Jon Stollings - Founder and Owner

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In Loving Memory

Lynn Stollings

1947 - 2003

Kay Sanford

1917 - 2005

Dennis Sanford

1945 - 2012